Medicaid Expansion is a Win for us All

Medicaid Expansion is a victory for everyone. It’s tempting to say it’s a win for Democrats and there’s some truth in that, this wouldn’t have happened without the Blue Wave of 2017.

But today it’s all about those who woke up this morning, facing an uncertain future with way too much to bear and now they’ve been given a glimmer of hope. They won’t have to choose between treatment and bankruptcy, between food and medicine, between taking care of their children or piling on more debt.

Medicaid Expansion was the right thing to do, the humane thing to do and we’re all the better because of it.

Healthcare is a right not a privilege. If we say that loud enough and long enough, a day will come when that’s simply taken for granted. This was a good day. We’re on our way to  making that happen.

"It was ours to destroy. And so there's one less gun in the world."


The front page of Wednesday’s Virginian-Pilot features this photo of me as I began to destroy my husband’s AR-15. I wanted to show support for the chorus of voices, young and old, calling for change in the face of the seemingly unending mass shootings taking place in schools around our country. I wanted to make sure that this weapon, which we decided should no longer be in our home or any home, would not be used by anyone else to take another life.  

By the following week our campaign social media had been overrun with angry comments calling for my arrest, calling me names like ‘idiot’, ‘bitch’, and worse. There was also the old, familiar refrain of “LOCK HER UP”. My staff discovered posts on internet forums by militia groups and other extreme Second Amendment supporters, who were sharing memes and coordinating calls to the Virginia Beach police department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Local news reports claimed I was being ‘investigated’ by the ATF. We were attacked everywhere.

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When Unions Win, We All Win

I want to thank everyone who came out to see Tuesday night’s 2nd Congressional District Candidate Forum in Hampton. We touched on a number of issues over the course of 90 minutes at the forum. I made it clear that I’ll fight for a $15-per-hour minimum wage, universal health care, a rollback of cuts to education, and common sense gun reform. 

Also on Tuesday, voters in Pennsylvania showed us the path to victory this fall. Pro-union Democrat Conor Lamb prevailed in the PA-18 special Congressional race in a district that Trump won by nearly 20 points just 16 months ago. Republicans are in trouble. Democrats only need to flip 24 seats to win back control of the House. There are currently over one hundred districts that Trump won less than PA-18.


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The NRA Thinks I'm Dangerous? Good!

The first major NRA assault on a congressional challenger has been launched. And guess who they chose to go after? Me! A teacher who took a strong stance in support of the kids in Parkland and destroyed an AR-15.

If the NRA thinks the idea of a teacher in Congress is dangerous but it’s fine to keep selling AR-15’s and bump stocks, I think that says a lot. And they are clearly worried because they have engaged tens of thousands of NRA trolls in a sustained, coordinated, online attack on me!

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Karen's been targeted for standing up for gun reform

A week ago, we posted a video of Karen destroying an AR-15. The intent of the video was to show Karen's support for the Parkland students and others who are leading the #gunReformNow movement, and showcase Karen's platform for sensible gun reform

Her message was heard loud and clear, and now Karen has been targeted by those opposed to reform with a barrage of misogyny, hate, and calls to "lock her up." 


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Parkland: This time it's different

When gun reform didn't happen after Sandy Hook, I began to worry that there was nothing that could shake the NRA's hold on our legislators. After last week's tragedy in Parkland, Florida, I expected the same cycle of blame and forgetfulness to play out on the media again without any meaningful change. However, the response of Douglas High and students around the country have given me new hope that we will be able to accomplish substantial gun reform and prevent future tragedies. You may have seen Emma Gonzalez's amazing speech where she called out Trump and other politicians for taking NRA money and refusing to take any action on reforming America's lax gun laws. The speech was amazing, and the fact that our young people are refusing to be silent victims and are demanding change gives me great hope. I believe gun reform can happen, and I stand with these students as they speak truth to power and march for their lives. 


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Rebuild America's Schools Act

I support the "Rebuild America's Schools Act" that's being championed by Congressman Bobby Scott. As an educator for 30 years, I recognize the importance of rebuilding the physical & digital infrastructure of our public schools. This is the type of legislation that I will vigorously fight for in Washington, D.C.



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The truth about the state of our economy

Tonight at the State of the Union, President Trump said: “Since we passed tax cuts, roughly 3 million workers have already gotten tax cut bonuses — many of them thousands of dollars per worker.” That just doesn't add up. 

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Hampton Roads Should Oppose Offshore Drilling

From the travel and tourism industry to the United States Navy to environmental groups, there’s a bipartisan coalition opposed to offshore drilling.  Trump’s decision to end the offshore drilling ban is a threat to Virginia’s economy and its citizens must ensure that the state’s tourism, fishing industries, and military installations are protected.  Drilling would be a critical threat as an oil spill off the Atlantic coast could be devastating to these economic engines and ocean ecosystems.

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Peoples House Project Endorsement

We are proud to announce that Karen has gained the endorsement of Peoples House Project, a progressive organization focused on building a Congress made up of people with mid-income and working-class backgrounds. PHP endorses candidates that it feels will help the Democratic party rebuild trust among an electorate that feels that it has sold out to Wall Street, and will help re-establish working class solidarity among working-class Americans. 

Read the press release here: Peoples House Project Backs Teachers Over DCCC-backed Self-Funders in Two Critical Swing District Primaries