Karen Mallard On The Issues

Environmental Preservation

Growing up in coal country in Wise County, Virginia, Karen saw the impact of environmental devastation on the health and income of her family and neighbors. When she was only eleven years old, Karen and her father successfully advocated to move a sewage treatment plant that dumped waste into the Guest River, where she and her community members were baptized.

In the House of Delegates, Karen will fight to protect Virginia Beach residents whose homes are threatened by flooding, the inevitable result of climate change and rising sea levels. She will stand against any and all offshore drilling on our coastline and will work tirelessly to attract high-paying green jobs to our community.

Health Care

Karen believes that health care is a right not a privilege. Working hand-in-hand with the federal government, the VA, local hospitals and health care providers, she believes that we can carve out a fairer, more equitable system that better serves the needs of all Virginians.

In Virginia, Medicaid Expansion has helped more than 13,000 Virginia Beach residents gain access to affordable health care coverage, but its future remains in peril. Karen Mallard has always stood unequivocally in favor of Medicaid Expansion and can be trusted to protect it in the House of Delegates.


As one of the first members of her family to attend college, Karen knows that a quality education can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity. During her thirty-year career as a teacher at Holland Elementary School, North Landing Elementary School, and Three Oaks Elementary School, Karen has taught generations of Virginia Beach students to read while advocating for their right to a world-class education.


Karen knows that Virginia's teacher shortage means larger class sizes and more stressful learning environments for both students and teachers. As your Delegate, Karen will work to attract talented teachers and give every child in Virginia Beach the head start they both need and deserve. 

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