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    About your nation
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    A fair question for Ms. Lauria is what did Scott Taylor do since she voted for him twice that makes her not want to vote for him now, except for the fact that some powerful democrats convinced her to run.
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    A vote for Scott Taylor was a vote against every policy Ms. Lauria now espouses and on which Democrats of the 2nd will vote. Voters in the primary, the only election before us, deserve a clear explanation for her votes for Scott Taylor. Until then, it’s a fair point of inquiry. If Ms. Lauria explains why she ignored Mr. Taylor’s policy positions and voted for him or with what policies of Mr. Taylor’s she agreed in 2016, then Ms. Lauria’s answer will be before the primary voters.
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    Karen, I see that people are objecting to fact that the People’s House Project is educating people that Elaine Luria voted for the NRA-funded incumbent Republican Scott Taylor twice (to which she freely admits). It makes me wonder… how do these same people feel about the fact that Scott Taylor and the GOP are gleefully sharing this same info as widely as possible? Airing issues like the only voting record a candidate has is what the primary is about. I hope the PHP keeps making people aware so they can make an educated choice in the primary. After the primary will be too late.
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    Once again, The People’s House Project has come out with a negative ad against Elaine Luria. This does not help your campaign and frankly makes me angry. Do I want to support someone who feels the only way to win is to throw mud at their opponents. Not good-disavow your relationship with this nasty little group.
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    You are a Henry Howell candidate. Thanks
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    Hi Karen, very nice video! I can definitely see your compassion to run & represent our district. I’m looking forward to meeting you.
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    Your video is amazing, Karen. Very exciting to see your campaign unfolding!
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    About your nation
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    I live in Williamsburg and I want you to know that I have recently received 2 “polling” unidentified phone calls obviously sponsored by Scott Taylor. He is already afraid of you. I am sure he will not be happy that I pushed 2 for “No, I will not be voting for him.” I am also a teacher and I fully support your emphasis on education, which is under attack by the current administration and its followers.

    Thank you for having the courage to run! Best of wishes for a super strong campaign!