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    About your nation
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    Will Rogers also said,” I’m not a member of any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”
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    Was it Will Rogers? Some people think they have to talk all the time to prove they aren’t dumb but only seem to prove they are.
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    Your a real quack Mallard!!!!! Dumb Cunt
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    Don’t worry Karen. Apparently the neo-fascist ammosexuals got on their phone tree and ordered their comrades to blog here to assuage their guilt at the deaths of many by their complicity with the NRA. Isn’t it ironic that the death of your one mass kill weapon means more to them than 17 high schoolers and 21 first graders?
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    How sad you attempt to make a political statement and commit a felony instead. I had a co worker do what you did and he had his house surrounded by the police was arrested and after conviction spent a year in jail. I am a Life Member of the NRA and have voted GOP since 1972. But believe me I think you need a lawyer and not a party hack a good lawyer. Withdrawal from your political race might be good too. I don’t think a video of you being perp walked handcuffed into jail is going to work so well with voters.
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    No bobby she has committed a crime. It’s you liberal, transgender cunts that think you’re above the law and the constitution that are doing everything wrong. That is why your so called blue wave failed in Texas you stupid fuck.
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    Looks like you riled up all the fat, male, white, middle aged conservative neckbeards. You must be doing something right.
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    You have been reported to the NFA branch of the ATF.
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    Hopefully the voters of Virginia are smarter than those in California, and don’t let you ride the blood of murder victims into Congress like Feinstein did.

    Please stop pretending you care about the victims, we know you’re lying
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    Can a felon run for congress in Virginia? Glad I live in Idaho….where the men are men – and the sheep are afraid. Hope the ATF comes a knocking for their tax stamp real quick. Or the ATF comes with cuffs and educates this educator.
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    I urge someone in this district to take this to the local law enforcement. There is a law on the books that bars the manufactur of short barreled rifles without a special license. Ma’am you committed a federal felony and therefore should do the right thing and drop out of the race. Before you tell me I need to give up my guns you should turn yourself in for committing a felony. No new law needed just enforcement of this law that is already on the books.
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    These guys can’t help but make Karen look like the fighter that she is. We owe them thanks.
    Keep the Big (and little) Boys Honest.
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    To whom it may concern. Karen Mallard, a woman ruining for Congress in Virginia, has posted a video of herself VIOLATING THE NFA OF 1934! She is seen cutting down the barrel of an AR15, to under 16". No mention of prior approval for creation of a SBR, No mention of a tax stamp.No mention of the requisite $200 payment to Treasury. As a responsible firearms owner, I am appalled that this action has not been prosecuted., I fully expect to see notice of her arrest on this page very soon. here is the link
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    So…what kind of pillow do you want when we toss your fat, stupid, law breaking ass to jail?
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    Karen is a genius the way she intuitively knew how to prompt a dialogue with so many of these important members of our national discussion on gun violence.
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    She maybe a criminal but so are all other democratic politicians. At least this has a token black friend on her webpage. Also the 2nd amendment is not up for debate or interpretation.
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    Funny that Karen committed a Felony when cutting off the barrel of the AR-15, by creating a SBR (Short Barrel Rifle). Yep that is illegal, she actually broke the law with this one. So she doesn’t care about the gun laws when it helps her with publicity, but she wants to reform them. Typical Democrat, use only the laws you care about.
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    These postings are incredibly revealing. Karen obviously pushed some men’s buttons when she took a saw to the mussel of an AR-15. The publicity these guys are creating for Karen is worth millions. Irony is a beautiful thing.
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    You are an educator, who apparently wishes to ban the AR 15 and other semi auto rifles. You don’t know the laws, so you commit a felony by creating an unregistered short barreled rifle. You have failed to destroy the rifle according to the law. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions, you delete the evidence (obstruction of justice). What type of example are you providing for your students? That ignorance is ok? That acting before thinking or knowing what the situation is ok? That hiding what you did wrong is ok?

    Ma’am, do us all a favor. We already have incompetent leadership in both parties. Please do not add yourself to their roles. End your campaign. Then consider what example you are providing for our future in your class.. and resign as an educator. Your actions do NOT reflect an educated approach or critical thinking…
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    As a dealer in firearms I can state, that is a felony on both the state and federal levels. She just built a short barreled rifle. I doubt she has a tax stamp for it, nor does she have a letter of approval from the BATFE.
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    Reported you to the ATF for creating an illegal sbr.
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    My God how stupid are you?

    Congratulations, your virtue signaling landed you in hot water and tanked your campaign.

    The only people screaming for gun control are children who have no real world experience with firearms, liberals, and idiots like you who are convinced it’s a gun problem and not a society problem.

    People like you need to stay out of politics, you obviously aren’t fit for the job.